Wetsuit Rental FAQ

How do I know my suit will fit?
If you provide us with accurate height, weight, and chest/bust measurements, we are confident we can select the best suit to fit your body type and size. It is important these measurements are right, so get on a scale and have a friend or family member help measure your height and chest/bust (wear whatever you'll be wearing under the wetsuit when taking this measurement.) 

This is a common concern. We have seen a wide range of body types and we take all that past experience into account when we size a person. All these suits have different requirements for their sizes so a medium in one brand is not necessarily a medium in another. Certain suits fit smaller than their charts imply and others tend to be quite accurate. That’s why we suggest getting your rental wetsuits sooner than later. If after swimming in your wetsuit you feel the wetsuit is still too tight we will send out a replacement wetsuit. We try everything in our power short of delivering it to your door ourselves to get it right.

What if my suit doesn't fit?
If your suit doesn't fit, give us a call or shoot us an email ASAP. We'll work with you to identify the problem and get the right size out to you in time. Contact us.

What will the condition of the suit I receive be?
The suit you receive will be in great, race-ready condition. We thoroughly clean all suits after each rental and repair any fingernail tear damage.

What if my event is cancelled?
Once a wetsuit has been shipped we do not offer refunds since the wetsuit has been reserved. Event cancellations do occur unfortunately. If your event or swim is cancelled we will give you a discounted rate on your next order.

Do I need or why would I want a wetsuit for my triathlon?

If your event is wetsuit legal (most are when waters are 78 degrees or less), you
should be wearing a wetsuit to reduce drag, improve swim position in the water (tri wetsuits have buoyancy), and of course, stay warm! Wetsuits should improve your comfort and time during your swim.

Triathlon wetsuits give you buoyancy, and allow you to swim faster and more
efficiently thus allowing you to save your energy for the other disciplines. Buoyancy is the main function of the suit and swimming faster and more efficient is a result of being buoyant. Being buoyant in the water helps reduce drag because you’re higher up in the water than you normally would be with no suit. Less water equals less resistance. Most triathlon wetsuits now days, whether they are entry level or elite, are coated with some form of SCS which has hydrophobic properties and helps reduce drag so you glide through the water.