Flowolf - Why Buy From Us


Why Buy from FLOWOLF:

Direct to consumer ("DTC") is not new, but it certainly was not mainstream until recent times. The events of 2020 forced a change in behavior across the world and brought DTC into the spotlight as the new business model for the new decade. Wider choices, better pricing and you deal with the owners of the business. This is our primary route to market and we are leveraging its unique selling proposition for your benefit.

Save Dealing Direct:

We have no middleman, no field sales reps, no TV and print ad campaigns, nor any expensive athlete endorsements to cover.  A lower cost base means a lower selling price, but the same quality, so you benefit from the better value.

Better Back Up:

We back our brand - register your purchase with us and we give you two year warranty on wetsuits - that's double what most of our competitors offer. Should you have a warranty issue, you are also dealing direct with us. 

Best in Class Sourcing:

We utilize the same manufacturing facilities and materials as the big brands so you can be assured quality and performance is paramount. We have over 20 years experience in the triathlon industry and have a pretty good idea as to what our customers want. 

Buy Back your Old Flowolf Wetsuit:

We will give you a 30% discount on a new Flowolf Wetsuit at any time after you purchase a wetsuit from us. The rules are simple.

1. Has to be another Flowolf Wetsuit.

2. The wetsuit needed to be registered for our extended 2 year warranty at the time of purchase.

3. You need to the original owner.

4. Your new suit will ship on receipt of the old suit.