About Flowolf Sports



Born in Colorado in 2020, but founded on more than 20 years of worldwide triathlon experience, we aim to bring you best in class performance apparel and accessories.

We aim to bring the triathlete enthusiast best in value prices for performance apparel and accessories, cutting out the middle man and providing you with excellent customer service.  We strive for each and every product to be considered best in class in every category we offer. 


Whilst we are still small and growing our product range, we understand the need for quality, uncompromising performance and value. Each and every product is designed, sourced, reviewed, adjusted or improved and only then bought to market to improve the triathlete experience. These are the keys to our success, topped off with awesome customer service. 

Unlike most competitors, we will not launch new products every year for the sake of sales, and will only replace a product with a new model if we find a way to improve the product we already have on offer.


Please email us at online@flowolfsports.com with any questions or comments on our products. We would love to hear from you.